Sunday, June 10

Just your average above-average day

I realized today why I haven't been homesick. It is because I am in almost constant contact with you from home. When I get posts on my blog, or messages, etc it really helps me A LOT. So thank you to those of you who write me and post on my blog, you help more than you know!

Saturday the Dad and the Mum's friends Amy and Rob came down from Cardiff Wales to look for houses because they are moving here. They really are delightful people!! They are fun and I enjoy their company quite a lot. It's funny because when they get together, they like to drink...lots of drinks. Anyways, nothing bad happened or anything we actually had a really fun night!!! We had a BBQ because it was "so hot" haha it got about 72 degrees and everyone was complaining of the heat!! It was just right for me though. We played some football and everyone was really impressed that I could throw a spiral, and I told them I had to know how because I have my dad and my brothers... enough said. we played some games and then the Dad pulled out the guitar and he played and ad-libbed a song about Rob in which I made up a verse too. Keep in mind... The dad and rob had had several drinks by this point so it was pretty dang funny.

Here is the funny part. At the BBQ the Dad made burgers, ribs and minted lamb ka-bobs. Everything was really good...except the ka-bobs. If you are wondering what I did them, take a look at this video. (since I don't have anything to connect my camera to my computer yet, I lean on this of a little help, but it is a true likeness of what happened.)

HAHA! It was funny cause I had to discreetly spit it out in a napkin because i literally couldn't swallow it for fear of my entire dinner coming up. It was one of those moments where if you were watching on camera, it would have been so funny- like that video, that's why I put it on there. :)

Well, i took my video camera into Edinburgh and had a wonderful time. My camera has since run out of battery and I need to figure out a way to charge it- until then I can't take any more pictures on it. I used my video camera in Edinburgh though and it worked great, but I left the cords I need to connect to my computer home so they should be arriving in a package sometime this next week, so I will write about my Edinburgh adventure-which was AMAZING- when I get those. Until then i will leave you in suspense!

Today I went to the ward in my town, which is the one I am actually supposed to be attending. The one I went to last week I went to because I happened to meet a girl who went to that ward. Anyways, I can't say I am the biggest fan of this ward- there are 2 other young single adults besides myself... I counted the people in sacrament meeting today, there were 72 people in there. Children included. It was funny though because there was this old man that kept falling asleep and snoring really loud. HA HA! That was entertaining. The meeting was a great one, but you see I was sitting by the YSA's as well as a few young women (because they just sit wherever they want to, and not with their families) and they had their cell phones out the whole time and were chatting away the entire meeting as well. One of the boys was humming...humming!! Not a hymn or anything, just hmmm hmmm hmmm to a rock song. I was a little bit shocked at the disrespect that went on with those people. Not to mention it was fast Sunday and they all brought candy... I mean seriously, how old are we? 18+? It was really different. But i guess everyone is taught differently and at least they were there right? And they were really friendly towards me, and I appreciated that. I got to know a lot of people today, and I talked to the bishop a bit and also the RS president which was nice. So there is a YSA family night tomorrow and I am going to that, I am excited- I hope it will be fun! I can't wait until I get my package so I can put Edinburgh on here! Love you all!!


Nicole's MUM said...

Hi honey! I loved your e-mail and hearing about your Sunday experience. I'm sorry it wasn't as spiritual as it could have been, but maybe it will get better. Hope the FHE is better! I gave the RS your blog address today in church, so hopefully you'll be hearing from some more people. Look forward to talking to you in a few minutes. Love you! MOM

Amie said...

Cole...Your little lamb kabob story made me laugh. I can just see the whole scene in my head.:) Sounds like you are still doing great! Enjoy the experience! Sorry to hear about your ward though...You know, that would bug me too. You can be a good example to them.

Colieo's Daddieo said...

Hi Sweetheart! Your Dad hasn't forgotten about you... I just got back from some travels. But, the nice thing is I've got your Blog saved in my favorites on my new phone. So now, wherever I am, whenever I need to see your face or hear from you (at least once or twice a day), I just pull out my phone and log on to your Blog... Love the comments and pictures. I sure love and miss you a bunch already. I'm working on flights in September... We are coming! Post you more later. Dad

Toad and Sue said...

i'm in suspense over Edinburgh!

Hey I love the Seinfeld link. I've never understood the getting drunk thing. I guess one of the best parts of being a practicing Mormon is getting to fully enjoy the comedic value of drunkenness through sober observation and interaction.

As far as your Sunday experience,
just that the people were friendly would be paramount for me especially considering the fact that they must know you are not going to be a permanent member of the ward--and friendliness is close to godliness. I'd focus on that.
Love you!

Toad and Sue said...

okay now we are going on 4 days without a post, this is painful!

Toad and Sue said...

this is my third time back today!
you are mean!

Grandma Sylvia said...

Had to eat some yogurt while reading about you eating yogurt and some other good stuff.
IT's a good thing we had Scotch broth made with mutton and barley before you left since you aren't getting the authentic Scottish stuff to eat there - TOo bad cause I can tell you really like mutton :)