Tuesday, June 5


My wise aunt Sarah told me to write about everything- even if i didn't feel it was noteworthy. So here I am writing again taking in the advice of a more experienced blogger. She also told me to try the yogurt here, and you know what, I did! I had orange yogurt today and to be honest it was the best yogurt I have ever had. I am usually not a fan, but i could eat this stuff every day! There is a new kind in the fridge I am going to try tomorrow, i guess it is like a cereal and yogurt mix... ill tell you how it is. So today I went into the town (city?) Dunfermline with the Mum and the Bug. I wasn't too excited, but turns out it was more amazing than i thought it would be! I tell you it is the little things here that add so much personality to a town. There were so many shops and restaurants and things to do and people everywhere. The streets are tiny and crowded- but not too crowded, just right! (I suggest clicking the pictures to make them bigger, they are so small!)

I went to this shop called Primarkt, and it was one of the best stores i have ever been in! Not because of it's glamour or prestige, but because of it's style and price! Today a bought a summer skirt for 4 pounds, some sandals for 3 pounds, a bag (purse... mine broke) for 3 pounds, and a really cute shirt for 4 pounds! I have to be really conscious of what I spend here because 1 pound=2 US dollars, so pretty much everything in pounds I spend I am actually spending double in American money. Its quite frustrating actually! Anyways, maybe I will put a photo up later of the stuff I bought, just so you can see how cute it is! I also got a cell phone today, my first (and probably only) UK cell phone! They had one of their old cell phones I could use so i didn't have to buy one, I am doing pay as you go so I have 5 pounds credit to use and it cost 10 pounds for the SIM card and activation. So its really not bad, considering it will probably take me a good 3 months to use up 5 pounds worth of minutes. I also tried a home made truffle in one of the little shops today. However it wasn't what I would typically classify as a truffle, it was just like a no bake cookie but a little thicker consistancy, with cocoanut shreds. I suggest trying this at home, it is great! On our way out of town the Mum bought me a guide to the traffic laws and questions that will be on my test... yes that's right, my test. They need me to drive a little here and there, so I have to take a drivers test to get a license. Scary! It's so strange being a passenger on the left hand side. I keep going around to get in to the drivers seat, which is the passenger seat in the US-Maybe it's because of this they think I am anxious to drive! Anyways, I am going to figure out the buses tomorrow, and after being in town today, I decided I really wanted to go back so that is where I am venturing. I am looking forward to it!

I took this picture in the town... There is no story to it, just a really old bridge with a tower in the background!

After we got home, we had Rosoto for Tea (they call lunch=dinner and dinner=tea and dessert=pudding), which we had with squash. No no no not squash as in the veggie, squash is a drink that they have here. Its very good! It comes in a tall bottle and it is pretty much just berries all squashed up into a juice and you put about 5 centimeters in the bottom of your glass and fill the rest up with water. It's yum. For pudding we had this special kind of ice cream... I forget what it is called, starts with a C, topped with this special "golden" syrup. I have never had anything like it! at first glance I thought it was pancake syrup, but it is clear and golden and goes on ice cream. It's great!

I decided to give you all the grand tour of my bedroom-be excited!


Amie said...

Wow Cole! That is a nicer room than I have here at home! It looks awesome.

Grant Skousen said...

Sounds like you are having a great time. Keep up the blogging its a great insight into what you are doing. Make sure you get the cousins on your email list so they can be inspired.

Toad and Sue said...

how bout that yogurt! I knew you’d love it—just wait till you try the deep fried snickers. I LOVED getting to see your room! You are set up sister, this is great! I can’t wait to see the pics of the clothes you bought. I remember I bought some, what my friends and I called, “magic pants” in Edinburgh for 7 pounds. They were black polyester things that I wore clubbing and felt fabulous in regardless of the 10 plus lbs I’d gained from eating hob nobs.
I love hearing about the different foods you are eating and I can't wait to hear about the driving test, that would be so funny if you funk and have to retake it--I know I would. Keep it coming! Love you!

ps you dad is going be here tomorrow and I'm going to teach him how to blog b/c it's so difficult

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing your room honey! Tell the mum that she is spoiling you and you may never want to go home! Tell her YOUR mum is worried! JK And Tell Aunt Sue that just becasuse we are not experienced bloggers doesn't mean a thing---I tried to leave the first comment, but I didn't realize I needed to have an account or push anonymous, so it didn't publish my note! Comuter illiterate, that's me!! Oh well, I'm learning! Love seeing everything your doing and especially love talking to you! Love, your MUM

Anonymous said...

COLE!!! Your blog is awesome! I loved the video of your room, that is just great! Nice bed too, and i'm so proud you are dedicated to making it each and everyday ;) looks like your are having an absolute blast! I'm glad you are making some friends like Nicola (sp?)that is great and I bet you are setting a great example for all those over there! Your awesome, keep having fun and posting!
Love ya, Kira