Tuesday, June 26


Well I haven't actually been to London...yet. Things here with the family have been ok, but there are underlying issues that have led to a mutual agreement that I am going to leave. I have another job in London that I arranged, so I am moving to London on monday everybody!!! I think things will be better there, this new family I am staying with has 2 kids, boy and girl aged 7 and 8. Their activities include playing the piano, tennis, football (soccer), riding horses, and vacationing in their home in Spain. I am actually living about a half hour outside of London in a pretty small town. But I will have exclusive use of my own car which will allow me to get anywhere, anytime I need. They seem really nice and I am looking forward to playing with the children and having fun doing activities we all enjoy! I am really excited for a new adventure! I didn't think it would come this soon, but it feels right. I will update you as I get ready to leave in 6 days!!!

Monday, June 18

This & That

Mawwage. In case your a little bit rusty on your Princess Bride lingo, that says Marriage. No no not me, but I found out last week that one of my best friends from home, Amy Bangerter is getting mawwaged! (married...sorry, I'll stop now) The worst part is that I won't be able to make it because I am here. I am so happy for her though, its just such a shock. That message she sent me comes to my mind often and I just can't stop thinking about it. Its so weird! What do you give a new bride as a friend? Now I am not thinking pans or toasters people. That is for aunties and friends of friends of acquaintances to give. I need something good! I have until September to think about it, but any ideas would be just great. Congratulations Amy!

I hope everyone had a great Father's Day! I did, simply because I got to talk to my Dad and family over the web cam. It was almost like I was there... Its on holidays and special occasions I miss you guys the most, so it was great to see you!

Also if anybody else is able to talk on Saturday's or Sundays in the afternoon (your time) let me know and we can set something up!

This weekend was actually pretty boring to be honest. I need to find more things to occupy my time. The only problem is that everything is so dang expensive because of the exchange rate, and I haven't had anybody to really travel with. No worries though, Nicola and I will be planning a trip or two very soon once she gets home. Yes, she is in Spain right now with family-lucky girl! I have a list of nearby places that I want to visit The first on the list is a city called St. Andrews. It looks absolutely amazing! I can't wait to go there. Other places include York, Newcastle, Inverness, London, Glasgow, Dundee, and just touring the Fife East Coast. There are other places I want to go to of course, but this list should keep me busy for a while! All of these places are within 2 hours of me (except London, which is 4 1/2) so that is fun. I will keep you posted as I slowly check off my list of local sights!!

Today was a great day, Kyla and I had a lot of fun. Here they do "play groups". Maybe they do them back in the US but I have never heard of them before. It's where a bunch of mom's all meet and bring their babies and toddlers to play. Usually it is held in a church or community center where there are toys to set up for the young'ns. We attend playgroup Mon-Wed. Today's playgroup is probably my favorite just because the people are so nice! Each week someone is in charge of bringing a raffle prize, a snack for the adults, and a pint of milk for the tea. So we all prepare a snack for the kids and when they are eating everyone has their tea and sweet. I, of course, pass on the tea and go straight for the juice. Nothing makes you stand out more in a crowd like that when you are 19 with a toddler holding a giant cup of juice. haha! Well its OK I don't really mind, but I often have a little laugh at myself. So today at the raffle the prize was a big bottle of fine wine, and guess who won it... yep! Yours truly! I acted really happy and excited because everyone was bummed out that they didn't get it. And I didn't want to be more of a weirdo and just give it away. So I brought it home for the mum and dad to drink later, they were so happy! I am such a good little nanny... winning wine... that so thoughtful of me. haha anyways, we had lots of fun at the playgroup and as soon as we got home Kyla crashed, which was nice because it gave me time to get the tidying up done before the mum got home from work. When she got home i took the bus into Dunfermline again to run some errands (buy some shoes) and other very important stuff. It was a nice little trip I always like going up to town!! It really is amazing how much history and character is just right here. wow. Well after I got home I quickly changed into my running gear. Now that is a sentence I haven't used in a while. Yes it is the first time I have actually been running while I have been here. Not to say that I haven't been active and doing lots of things, including walks, because I have. I just haven't changed into the old t-shirt and sweatpants and charged for the trail. But today I did, and it was really nice!! My run was so beautiful I wish I had my camera with me. I am going to go back along the trail one of these days while the flowers are all in bloom still and snap a few golden shots for you all to see. There are paths everywhere that are always filled with runners, so I am hoping to explore a new way to go tomorrow. The thing that surprised me here while I was out was how many hills there are! Not just little hills, gigantic ones that just make your legs feel like jelly when your done. Its really hard, but really rewarding at the same time! Anyways, my run was really good, and just what i needed to motivate me to start running every day again. After I got home I stretched and had a Greek salad for dinner, yum. Now I am sitting here on my bed writing this blog to feed the need of all my loyal bleeders.

Since this blog has been lacking in visual happiness, I decided to add one of my favorite movie moments of all time. Don't be surprised if other favorite movie moments just randomly pop up at the end of future blogs. Its 5 minutes long, so don't feel compelled to watch! Just if you have the time, you will be happy you did, because it is my favorite!

Thursday, June 14

Socializing with Scots

To all my faithful blog readers, I have been trying to think of a proper "name" for you. I have been trying to combine 'blog' and 'readers', but then all I come up with is "bleeders". So I guess I am pretty un-creative. So this is for all my bleeders (because I can't think of a better name), I love you- and thank you for your diligent reading. My apologies for being a bad blogger, I need to write more. My fear is that I will write to much, and bore bleeders out of their minds so they don't come back- but perhaps I have gone too far the other way in not writing enough. I will try to find a happy medium. OK so lets a get a summary of my week (so far)

I was really excited on Monday because it was the first YSA (young single adult) activity I would be attending. I actually ended up going on a little date that was, if possible, more awkward and weird than this plastic face... Now that I have your attention, lets start out with the activity. The YSA reps name is Alex and he is really different, and we went to his flat to watch a movie. I know, oooohhhh ahhhhh they come up with such crafty ideas for activities, but I'll take what I can get. Anyways, we watched Charly, and that was it- activity over! The girl I hitched a ride with had to go so we left. As soon as i got back to the house I got a text from Alex asking if I wanted to go play some pool. I assumed he meant everyone that we had left at the house were going to be there (That's what he made it sound like.) Nobody was at the house when i got home so i figured, why not go hang out and get to know these kids a little better (because there was one cute one there). So he came to pick me up and I was a little distressed to see that he was the only one in the car... I figured we were meeting the other people there. Wrong again. I could tell this kid was a little bit on the weird side when I first met him. So we got out of the car at his flat where I assumed we would meet up with the people but we just kept walking to the park... after about 20 minutes of walking we arrived. No no not at a pool-playing place, at a playground. We played on the playground for a little bit. He put me in this tiny round swing for little kids and was very serious in saying "here is where you trust me to swing you, tell me if it gets scary, are you holding on?" and I am thinkin... "isn't this swing is for 5 year olds?" ha ha. So then we did some other really kiddish stuff which, in all honesty, would have been fun had it been with someone i was interested in. The whole time he kept talking about how he is a martial arts master and he used to do cage fighting blah blah blah... yeah. So by this time it is about 11:00 and I have to get up early, so I told him I had better get going. Then we walked like we were going back and he stopped in at the bar to play pool and it was full- probably because i was praying to just get out of there ha ha. I told him again that I really needed to go home now, but he kept saying "oh no you don't, you're fine, you don't need to work." uh huh. riiiiggghhhht. He also kept trying to "figure me out" and making all these outrageous predictions about me and my life and I kid you not when I tell you he was totally serious. He also asked me questions like "where do you see yourself in the end?" (end of what???) and "How many kids to you want" (followed by, 'me too') "where do you want to get married? ('me too') etc etc... I was getting a little freaked out. Anyways, he finally got the picture when i told him for the 3rd time that I really had to go home. So we walked 15 minutes to the car and he started doing this ridiculous laugh. I just knew... I just knew, so I said "you lost your keys didn't you." (laughs some more) He wouldn't even answer me he just kept on laughing! SO we walked all the way back to the park. On the way we were talking about the keys being lost and he made the comment "I wish I had the keys to your heart".... uh huh. I wanted to take off running down the street and not stop until I reached home (only about 10 miles away, haha) when we got to the park I found his keys laying on the ground-thank goodness. I seriously don't know what I would have done if they had been lost because he didn't have a spare or anything. So i made it home, very tired and very unhappy around 12:30. For all of you wondering if any of this sarcasm and inside thought came out on the date, it didn't. I was good and kept a happy face on. :)

For those of you who need a good visual, this boy is like the guy in the video. Just to give you an idea. (you will have to imagine the Scottish accent though!)

Monday night I was just frustrated with the whole situation, I prayed that I could find a friend that I liked to hang out with. Someone who was fun and wasn't one of those people I called simply because I had nobody else even though I didn't really have fun with them (this is the description of the YSA group unfortunately). So I got up, doing my work as usual, and to make a long story short Kyla got ill and needed to go to the doctor so her parents took her, and they have been having a maintenance man come this week so I was just here with him. We chatted the whole morning while we were both working around the house. So when he came back from his lunch break he was like "what are you doing tonight?" (don't worry, he wasn't asking me out ha ha ha) And he said oh my daughter Nicola is your age and she wants to hang out can you do something in 4o minutes? I was a little bit iffy but I said yes anyways. She came to pick me up and we went into Dunfermline town and walked around a little bit, got some dinner, and looked around the Abby (see blog, "Dunfermline) It was really great! We are a lot alike, so we get along nice. I find its hard to find a girl around my age who doesn't have a serious boyfriend and who doesn't smoke and who doesn't like to get wasted on the weekends. She just got out of a 3 year relationship so she doesn't have many friends left because of that-plus her friends have boyfriends. So we were both in need of a friend, and I am so glad I met her! Isn't it funny how the Lord answers our prayers? And so quickly sometimes!! Her family is really nice, and they really good people. I have got some questions though about being a Mormon. A popular belief is that we do not celebrate Christmas... Or that we don't believe in blood transfusions... or we are not allowed to do anything fun. haha. They just know that I don't drink tea or coffee, and I don't drink alcohol. But upon hearing that one everyone says "smart girl". It's funny because her dad the maintenance man, Derek is his name, said "oh those Mormons are so pesky always knockin on my door, nobody around here likes them!" It made me laugh, he likes me ok though! So maybe I can help change his mind about those "pesky Mormons". Maybe.

Today was my first day having Kyla all by myself. The past couple weeks their old nanny has been working with me showing me the ropes but her last day was yesterday. I really liked her she was nice, I think we would be friends were it not for the fact that she has a serious boyfriend and is about to move in with him and things. She is my age too and we get along quite well- but again, there is that boyfriend factor. Anyways, Kyla didn't have any problems with the transition today (some days are harder than others) so we had a really nice time! We walked through the woods and picked some flowers, and went to the park and played on the toys. She really enjoyed that! We also went to Tesco (supermarket) and the woman at the checkout was really funny. After hearing my accent she asked where I was from. "Utah, USA" I said, (some people don't know that Utah is in the USA) and her reaction was "Oh Utah... Isn't that where the Mormons are?" It was funny. When I was done working Nicola came to pick me up and we drove over to this carnival/fair thing, but it was closed! That was kinda too bad because it looked like it would have been fun. We drove around and saw the beach and things so it was nice. Then we went to this club/bar where she works, got a couple of cokes and then went home. It was really fun just to have someone to hang out with and talk to. The bars and clubs here aren't like the ones back home (not that I have ever been...) They are OK places for kids my age to go and hang out and dance and play pool and things like that. There are people that get waisted but most people don't. Anyways, Its kinda the whole social scene here, and clubs and bars are the only places open past 5:30 pm. All the shops and things close no later than 6. Crazy huh? Well Nicola and I decided that we would make a list of places we have to go and do before I leave. We have a bunch of ideas, but nothing written down yet. We will do that soon I suppose! Oh yeah she also told me I had to see Braveheart, and so we watched it. It is now at the top of my list of all time favorite films. I added a little clip here that sums it up quite nice (and quick) but I warn you- it is not for the weak stomached or faint of heart.

Anyways, that is about all for me! Still waiting on my package so I can put my Edinburgh trip videos and pictures on here. When I get that I will do my blog first thing! Thanks for all your love and support back home, I miss you all!

Sunday, June 10

Just your average above-average day

I realized today why I haven't been homesick. It is because I am in almost constant contact with you from home. When I get posts on my blog, or messages, etc it really helps me A LOT. So thank you to those of you who write me and post on my blog, you help more than you know!

Saturday the Dad and the Mum's friends Amy and Rob came down from Cardiff Wales to look for houses because they are moving here. They really are delightful people!! They are fun and I enjoy their company quite a lot. It's funny because when they get together, they like to drink...lots of drinks. Anyways, nothing bad happened or anything we actually had a really fun night!!! We had a BBQ because it was "so hot" haha it got about 72 degrees and everyone was complaining of the heat!! It was just right for me though. We played some football and everyone was really impressed that I could throw a spiral, and I told them I had to know how because I have my dad and my brothers... enough said. we played some games and then the Dad pulled out the guitar and he played and ad-libbed a song about Rob in which I made up a verse too. Keep in mind... The dad and rob had had several drinks by this point so it was pretty dang funny.

Here is the funny part. At the BBQ the Dad made burgers, ribs and minted lamb ka-bobs. Everything was really good...except the ka-bobs. If you are wondering what I did them, take a look at this video. (since I don't have anything to connect my camera to my computer yet, I lean on this of a little help, but it is a true likeness of what happened.)

HAHA! It was funny cause I had to discreetly spit it out in a napkin because i literally couldn't swallow it for fear of my entire dinner coming up. It was one of those moments where if you were watching on camera, it would have been so funny- like that video, that's why I put it on there. :)

Well, i took my video camera into Edinburgh and had a wonderful time. My camera has since run out of battery and I need to figure out a way to charge it- until then I can't take any more pictures on it. I used my video camera in Edinburgh though and it worked great, but I left the cords I need to connect to my computer home so they should be arriving in a package sometime this next week, so I will write about my Edinburgh adventure-which was AMAZING- when I get those. Until then i will leave you in suspense!

Today I went to the ward in my town, which is the one I am actually supposed to be attending. The one I went to last week I went to because I happened to meet a girl who went to that ward. Anyways, I can't say I am the biggest fan of this ward- there are 2 other young single adults besides myself... I counted the people in sacrament meeting today, there were 72 people in there. Children included. It was funny though because there was this old man that kept falling asleep and snoring really loud. HA HA! That was entertaining. The meeting was a great one, but you see I was sitting by the YSA's as well as a few young women (because they just sit wherever they want to, and not with their families) and they had their cell phones out the whole time and were chatting away the entire meeting as well. One of the boys was humming...humming!! Not a hymn or anything, just hmmm hmmm hmmm to a rock song. I was a little bit shocked at the disrespect that went on with those people. Not to mention it was fast Sunday and they all brought candy... I mean seriously, how old are we? 18+? It was really different. But i guess everyone is taught differently and at least they were there right? And they were really friendly towards me, and I appreciated that. I got to know a lot of people today, and I talked to the bishop a bit and also the RS president which was nice. So there is a YSA family night tomorrow and I am going to that, I am excited- I hope it will be fun! I can't wait until I get my package so I can put Edinburgh on here! Love you all!!

Thursday, June 7

My Solo Journey To Dunfermline

Today was really a great one! I started out my day early, and I worked from 8-1. After that I went into Dunfermline again, but this time I went by myself, on the bus for more than an hour (which is how long i stayed last time I was there and I didn't really get to see much). So I waited at the bus stop and rode the bus into town, the system still confuses me but hopefully I will get the hang of it soon! The bus stop is just a hop skip and a jump away from the house.

This is me discreetly snapping a photo of myself while riding the bus for the first time!

Once I arrived into town (about a 10 minute bus ride) I walked down the main street where all the shops are. I went back to Primark to see if they had anything i couldn't live without... which they didn't unfortunately! I went on to some of the other local favs and looked around, but I really didn't buy much! Probably because I am saving what bit I have for my trip into Edinburgh tomorrow... which will be amazing and expensive I am sure. Anyways, I went down to the ruins of the old Abby and monastery and it was really neat. There was literally NOBODY there! It was a little bit spooky.

If you look closely on this one it says BRUCE near the top of the spires...
The graveyard is really old and It says when you walk in to be careful because they are crackling and breaking. It is really eerie being in there by yourself, but cool at the same time because you can feel a kind of serenity that you can't feel when there are lots of people. Oh and one of the old Kings of Scotland is buried here, but I couldn't find his stone because there weren't any signs or people to ask... i guess I will have to figure it out next time I go!

Check out this video I took when I went into the "castle". It's not really a castle but it's smaller- they still call it the castle though because it looks like one. And excuse my pronunciation of "Dunfermline" It is pronounced dun-FIRM-lyn. I never say it the way I said it in the tape... but I did for some reason. Someone figure that out for me.

OK so after that dorky video most of you have stopped reading and quickly exited the page, but for those of you who stayed I have some pictures from the inside I took also.

I could have paid about 7 US dollars to go down into the bottom of the monastery ruins, but I didn't have a lot of time left before I had to catch the next bus back so I decided to just save it for another day. I walked down to the end of the street where there is a monument of Andrew Carnegie. You know, Carnegie hall? Yep same guy! He was born here in Dunfermline and later moved on to the US but he donated the land (70 acres) to the park, and also the land for the library and other things, so everything is dedicated to him.

The park was so beautiful. I walked around and just really enjoyed it. There were so many squirrels and birds of the sort I don't think i have seen before. The birds were so tiny but so cute, I didn't get any pictures of the birdies but the squirrel posed for me. There 3 of them playing in that spot but somehow I only managed a picture of the one.

That picture at the top of the City was one I took while I was at the Statue, just turn a 180 and you get the town- and it was a beautiful sight!

After my stroll I went back to catch the bus, then as I was waiting a man from the depot came down to tell us that bus broke down and wouldn't come for another hour... do I ever have good luck when using the public transportation system?? Well I waited for another hour in the local McDonald's because it was the only place open and warm. (yes, the notorious cold breeze took over) I waited and waited and I was first in line and I got on the bus only to figure out I was at the wrong bus (bad luck again...?), but the thing is I asked the man at the bus depot and that was the exact spot he told me my bus would come, either he was wrong or I misunderstood-but i don't think i did- anyways i ended up looking kinda silly. So I ran down the street around the corner and barely made my bus, and I was the only person on it the whole way home! So I finally made it. What a fantastic day! I loved the town- it has so much history and even thought it is small there is a lot to do and see.

While I have got your attention still (maybe) I will tell you about some of the new things I have had to eat here! For starters, I have been offered wine, campaign, and today a gin and tonic! Don't worry I didn't have any. It has lead to small conversations on religion though since that's where the basis of my choice of not to have alcohol comes from. Anyways, they eat pretty much the same basic foods as we do at home, but they have their own way of doing it. The first day I had baked potato and do you know what they put on baked potato??? tuna. yes, from a can, tuna. I was talking to this girl named Amy I met and she said "why would you not think to put tuna on a baked potato?" and I was thinking... what in the world inspired you to actually put the tuna on the potato in the first place? ha ha it was funny. It was actually good! You guys can try this at home. They eat a lot of salad here... but they always put it on a roll. We had Chili and put it inside pitas (which was VERY good). They have square sausage on a roll for breakfast a lot with this special sauce called 'brown sauce'. It is really a good topping that you can only get here. They also have this pickle sauce that is black and comes out, sorry to say, somewhat like poop from the bottle. I was a little hesitant to try it but it was actually very tasty! Anyways that is about all i can think of right now, I will write more Saturday after my day-long adventure in Edinburgh!!! I am excited!

Tuesday, June 5


My wise aunt Sarah told me to write about everything- even if i didn't feel it was noteworthy. So here I am writing again taking in the advice of a more experienced blogger. She also told me to try the yogurt here, and you know what, I did! I had orange yogurt today and to be honest it was the best yogurt I have ever had. I am usually not a fan, but i could eat this stuff every day! There is a new kind in the fridge I am going to try tomorrow, i guess it is like a cereal and yogurt mix... ill tell you how it is. So today I went into the town (city?) Dunfermline with the Mum and the Bug. I wasn't too excited, but turns out it was more amazing than i thought it would be! I tell you it is the little things here that add so much personality to a town. There were so many shops and restaurants and things to do and people everywhere. The streets are tiny and crowded- but not too crowded, just right! (I suggest clicking the pictures to make them bigger, they are so small!)

I went to this shop called Primarkt, and it was one of the best stores i have ever been in! Not because of it's glamour or prestige, but because of it's style and price! Today a bought a summer skirt for 4 pounds, some sandals for 3 pounds, a bag (purse... mine broke) for 3 pounds, and a really cute shirt for 4 pounds! I have to be really conscious of what I spend here because 1 pound=2 US dollars, so pretty much everything in pounds I spend I am actually spending double in American money. Its quite frustrating actually! Anyways, maybe I will put a photo up later of the stuff I bought, just so you can see how cute it is! I also got a cell phone today, my first (and probably only) UK cell phone! They had one of their old cell phones I could use so i didn't have to buy one, I am doing pay as you go so I have 5 pounds credit to use and it cost 10 pounds for the SIM card and activation. So its really not bad, considering it will probably take me a good 3 months to use up 5 pounds worth of minutes. I also tried a home made truffle in one of the little shops today. However it wasn't what I would typically classify as a truffle, it was just like a no bake cookie but a little thicker consistancy, with cocoanut shreds. I suggest trying this at home, it is great! On our way out of town the Mum bought me a guide to the traffic laws and questions that will be on my test... yes that's right, my test. They need me to drive a little here and there, so I have to take a drivers test to get a license. Scary! It's so strange being a passenger on the left hand side. I keep going around to get in to the drivers seat, which is the passenger seat in the US-Maybe it's because of this they think I am anxious to drive! Anyways, I am going to figure out the buses tomorrow, and after being in town today, I decided I really wanted to go back so that is where I am venturing. I am looking forward to it!

I took this picture in the town... There is no story to it, just a really old bridge with a tower in the background!

After we got home, we had Rosoto for Tea (they call lunch=dinner and dinner=tea and dessert=pudding), which we had with squash. No no no not squash as in the veggie, squash is a drink that they have here. Its very good! It comes in a tall bottle and it is pretty much just berries all squashed up into a juice and you put about 5 centimeters in the bottom of your glass and fill the rest up with water. It's yum. For pudding we had this special kind of ice cream... I forget what it is called, starts with a C, topped with this special "golden" syrup. I have never had anything like it! at first glance I thought it was pancake syrup, but it is clear and golden and goes on ice cream. It's great!

I decided to give you all the grand tour of my bedroom-be excited!

Sunday, June 3

Here's to catching up...

I have arrived!! I made through all the airports, flight transfers, and little green men calling me “lassie” (no joke- everyone working for the airline has to wear green suits). I sat by an old Irish woman on my flight from Dublin, it was so funny because she tugged on the stewardess’s coat and said “gimme a scotch!” she was just so cute and hilarious, especially after the scotch went down. She even talked to me a bit but it was really hard to understand her between the alcohol and the accent. I got home, got unpacked, and I am slowly getting over my jet lag! My room here is pretty big, I have a queen bed to myself, my own bathroom, closet, TV and playstation 2, freshly cut flowers, and most of all an amazing view! Just the other day it rained so hard, but after there was the biggest, brightest rainbow I have ever seen! WOW! It was a double one too, and the end if it from my view was in a long field of yellow flowers. Brilliant!

Anyways, there are many things within a short bike ride or walking distance away, I can even catch the bus right outside my house! There is also a walking trail that goes right in front, and a large wooded area, formally called “the woods”. There are many trails and such through there as well! There is so much to do here.

Saturday, we drove up to Loch Earn! I did however, make the mistake of calling it a "lake" and was instantly corrected by at least 4 people! They have a boat up there and we were going to go waterskiing and wakeboarding. Too bad a storm blew in as we were getting there! I guess even if you check the weather here, it doesn't mean anything. The forecast said sunny, and it was windy, cloudy, and cold. So we didn't end up going on the lake...loch... and just ate at a nice little local diner there on the overlook. I guess the lakes...lochs... here are not warm at all, they are 8 or 9 degrees Celsius so you have to wear a wetsuit. I wasn't too thrilled about going into glacier-cold water, but i was going to do it anyways.

The drive was very lovely though, we passed Glen Eagles golf course, which is very famous and very pretty. There are also these estates parked up in the hills that are absolutely phenomenal. They have gatekeepers and everything, they have about a 15 mile diameter to their property, and most of them overlook a loch or reservoir.

I also saw some "Hee-land Coo-s" which are...well, check out my pictures. They are pretty awesome looking! Anyways, we had a nice day! Relaxing, but nice!

Sunday, today, my biggest day yet! I go into the Edinburgh for church, so I got a ride to the train station, and my contact from the ward, the YSA rep picked me up on the other end. I was so worried because when I tried to get my ticket from the automated ticket booth it wouldn’t print my ticket, I was struggling with it, then the train pulled up so I ran-yes, in my high heals and nearly (very nearly) face planted on the platform so I could catch the train in time. So I rode all the way without a ticket… good thing the ticket takers on the other side were closed! I was feeling very lucky. Then my ride when I got there wasn’t there, so I waited…and waited…and waited…. 20 minutes and finally found a pay phone and I called her, I had to j-walk a busy road to actually get to the phone! Anyways, she was on her way, just late. I guess when you take a wrong turn in the city it takes a long time to recover. So I made it to church, and it turns out it was Stake Conference. I was very fortunate to have been there for that. The first presidency did a special broadcast just for the UK, and it was really special. The whole stake for conference was about as big as our ward at home. There were tons of (good looking) missionaries there too. One of them is Elder Bruce R. McConkie’s grandson. The ward was great and everyone was so incredibly nice. I am excited to really get involved in the ward here. After that my friend that picked me up drove me around the city a bit, and I have NEVER, EVER seen a more AMAZING sight than Edinburgh. I am going back first chance I get to do some looking around. My jaw literally dropped, it was so spectacular!!! I wish I would have had my camera, but I didn’t take it because I didn’t want to take it into church. After all that, I had to get a train back home, and the hub there is insane! It is so huge, and so many people are there, it reminded me of an airport. I just loved it. So I caught my train and headed on home! It was a very good day!! I will write again when I do something note-worthy! Love you all and miss you!!